A Guide to Climbing Shoe Resoling

There is a fine line between shoes which can be resoled, and shoes which can’t.
Choosing to resole your shoes sooner rather than later can save you money and time.

We must first understand a little about how climbing shoes are put together…

Anatomy of a climbing shoe.

The rubber on the base of your shoe is called the sole – this is the main surface in contact with the rock. The life of the sole depends on a few things: the type or rock you climb on, how often you climb, the thickness of your sole and the type of rubber you are using. The rand is the thin rubber which wraps around the toecap and protects the upper from excess wear. The sole is glued to the rand and the underside of the upper.

Half-Sole Repair

If you notice your sole is worn down so that you are now climbing on your rand, stop climbing on these shoes immediately and send them to us for a Half-Sole Repair – this is the cheapest repair option we offer.

Half-Sole + Toecap Repair

If you have not stopped climbing on your worn out shoes soon enough, you will wear out your rand and possibly create a small hole. Stop climbing on these shoes immediately and send them to us for a Half-Sole + Toecap Repair. This is slightly more expensive but we can still save your shoes!

Is my shoe totally F**ked?

If you have a hole all the way through your shoe then we are sorry, but your shoes are indeed f**cked. These are too worn to be resoled properly. Better luck next time!

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Christmas Delivery Times

We must receive your shoes by December 5th in order to guarantee completion before January 10th!